Spy Camera Set

Item Number: 4879
with high resolution display and USB connection.
Batteries not included.
Requires 2 x AAA batteries, and 4 x AA batteries

The Top Agents Spy Camera Set includes a camera with a USB port, a color monitor and a bracket.

The video shot from the camera is displayed on the monitor via wireless transmission. Connect the Top Agents Spy Camera Set to your PC to save your movie, or publish your movie on YouTube.

Optional Upgrades: - Use the bracket to attach the monitor onto set 4856 Playmobil RC Module Set Plus.
- The Top Agents Spy Camera Set is compatible with set 4878 Playmobil Robo Gang Truck.

Link to the Top Agents Spy Camera Information site:

System Requirements/PC:
Pentium 400 MHz processor (CPU)
Windows XP SP2
Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate

Not compatible with:
Windows 7 Home
Apple Mac


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